2 friends team up after needing something to help their Mums after Dads died.

John and Rupert both lost their Dads in 2015. Both Dads left Wives, who had depended on Ken and Aubrey for most of their lives to just be there.

Both Mums are competent strong people, but their sons realised that now they were on their own and if something happened, it could be some time before help arrived. For the first time in their lives, John and Rupert realised they had started to worry about their Mums.

“Mum is still playing tennis at 80,” said Rupert, “but if Mum was poorly, in the past Dad could have called me. now she is on her own, Mum has no one to do that for her. She really is on her own. That made me feel Uncomfortable. It meant that either Claire or I would be trying to phone her every night. And while that was lovely, it's very hard, when you have a job and a young family of your own to look after. On top of that, my father in Law has Alzheimer's. So while he is currently still driving, and so able to get about, we know that he will not be able to do that forever.”

“It struck me that there ought to be a very simple technical solution. Unfortunately all the products out there were either very intrusive, expensive, or aimed at the NHS care services. So we have developed a solution, or should I say a variety of solutions, that will allow us to be sure our Mums are OK, and up and about, but not have to have a camera in their homes.”

The reality is that no two people are the same, so the solution depends on the personality, habits, and needs of the family.

To us it is personal. It is a fine line to tread between respect and dignity.