Respect and Dignity

If Mum did not get up.
Would you know?

CareBubble can tell you they are up and active


Who is Julia?

Julia’s husband has recently passed away, and after 50 years together Julia not only feels vulnerable but lonely too. She is open to the idea that if she could not get up the next morning, a son or daughter would be aware.
Julia and her children need reassurance that she is OK.


Who is George?

George is careful with his money, and keeps the house too cold in winter.
His family need to make sure he is keeping warm. CareBubble means that they know if the boiler is off, or broken. It means they know when it is too cold at night or during the day. It can help persuade people to move when the time is right.


Who is Vera?

Vera has Dementia and is likely to forget to make her morning tea. However, because we monitor movement, her family will know she is up, and so will not rush over needlessly. They will know to make sure she has a drink later.

Would you like a call from someone?

Either give us a call or email us. We help many people unsure of whether this is for them. The idea can often feel right, but we sometimes worry that our elders will think we are worrying unnecessarily or being too intrusive. The reality is that often they are grateful we care.

Why CareBubble?

  • Put off expensive Care costs.
  • keep loved ones where they want to be.
  • Very simple set up.
  • Unobtrusive for your loved ones.
  • Keeps an eye on the temperature.
  • Know if they have not got up.

No Wifi Required

CareBubble is as simple to set up as:
Plug In.
Position monitors.
Log in online
Really Simple

Guaranteed Happy Customers

Thats because if you find it is not for you, we are happy for you to send it back.
As it is personal to us, we know that you might need CareBubble for a month, or 5 years. hence our rental option.

Live at Home for Longer

A care home can often take the last spirit from the elderly. By using CareBubble you are giving them the chance to live at home longer. Ask them. Its where they would rather be.